Milan Design Week/Fuorisalone 2016 – Part Two | Milánói Design Hét/Fuorisalone 2016 – Második Rész

February 13

Ph. Now that the next Milan Design Week is just around the corner, we have decided to share the rest of our memories from last year (see the first part here). This way besides bagging our well-deserved inspiration dose we can also get into the mood for the upcoming events. We always say that […]

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Wedding Exhibition 2016 | Esküvői Kiállítás 2016

September 13

The output of the Wedding Exhibition held between the 28th-29th of January in Budapest – the stacks of photos, experiences, feedbacks, the lessons we learnt – needed some time to settle and organization, but we didn’t want to keep it to ourselves so here comes a few thoughts and a photo selection of our debut […]

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Milan Design Week/Fuorisalone 2016 – Part One | Milánói Design Hét/Fuorisalone 2016 – Első Rész

July 4

Ph. Visiting Milan in April is slowly becoming a tradition, after last year’s memorable Design Week (read about it here, here and here) there was no question about heading there again this spring. A hard decision had to be made right at the beginning though: due to the short time available we had to […]

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Nymphenburg – Table Flowers

December 5

Ph. Our favorite pieces from the collection called Table Flowers designed and manufactured by the world-famous Porzellan Manufaktur Nymphenburg in Munich, Germany. Right after our endless wave of creepy, contemporary ceramics (1,2,3), here comes a classic beat of the heart! WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

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Tom Dixon – Brew

November 21

Ph. Tom Dixon Studio just launched their new luxury coffee set called Brew. A copper dream! WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

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Weekly selection

November 10

1. Baroque Bird Wall Panel from Anthropologie. 2. Rousseau Border by Cole & Son. 3. Diamantini & Domeniconi Cucu Clock with Bird from Amara. 4. Brass Crane Taper Holder from Anthropologie. 5. Sunflower Mirror in blue by Pols Potten from Dicampion. 6. Roberto Cavalli Floris Silk Cushion from Amara. WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

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Pick of the day

November 9

Ph. Side table Ben with a twist from the Vienna-based duo mischer’traxler. WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

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Interior inspiration – Wood affair

October 30


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Michael Aram – New Leaves

October 23

Ph. Embracing autumn vibes with nature freak Michael Aram’s tableware collection New Leaves, inspired by the flora surrounding his home and studio in New Delhi and Northeast America, the place where the designer grew up. WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

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Weekly selection

October 19

1. Kodama Zome hanging bed by 2. Limited Moths light installation by mischer’traxler studio. 3. Toby side table by Marjorie Skouras Design. 4. Order de Chablis chimney set by Roderick Vos. 5. Frame chair by Slokoski. WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

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